October 2014 update from Dago & Dilia

Hello Partners in Missions:

We want to share with you the progress of our ministry at Ministerios de Fe Vida Nueva, Azacualpa, Honduras. As many of you know, our ministry is focused more in children and poor families, that doesn’t meant that we ignore those that have no material needs, we all need a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Our feeding program continues serving a nutritious meal at lunch time for 75-80 kids that are brought Monday through Friday, one or two days during the week, they receive a gospel presentation or a Bible story about Jesus by Alex, Mariana or one of the teachers, of course, they enjoy a time of games and the playground area.

Children from the feeding program

My House Project has been a blessing for five families that now live in a nice home made of concrete block, concrete floor, metal roof and a indoor bathroom, thanks to donors and contributions from individuals and churches designated for this housing program, this year we are still building a house for Jefferson’s grandma Beralize and might start building a house for Cristina and her three children. We have found that many groups enjoy participating in the “makeover”.

Beralize & her children

Beralize and her children

Alex and Mariana are working hard with the congregation; there are 60 to 75 people that attend regularly the Sunday evening service, energetic worship is provide and a presentation of the Gospel delivered by pastor Alex.

The Christian academy is expanding, last year we had 24 students, this year are 43 and we are projecting 65 for next year 2015, because the growing of the students population, we are adding four more classrooms, two will be used for a library and a computer lab, and the other two as classrooms, thank you to those that are funding scholarships for some families that cannot afford it.

School children

We are still getting groups and missionary teams visiting every year, many people have had a great and unforgettable faith experience, we are so glad that we can be part of that.

Please keep supporting, praying and giving toward this ministry.


Dago and Dilia Zelaya

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