We are so thankful and excited aout our ministry in Honduras, every day is a busy day with the kids.
The kids from the children’s home get up at 5:30 am in order to get ready for school, all the children are
attending school this year; Alexandra is in Kindergarten, Vanessa is in first grade, Glenda and Breidy are
in fourth grade, Carlitos is in fifth grade, Norma is in six grade, Milton, Brayan, Keidy, Jeiny and Santos
are in seventh grade, Dania is in eight grade and Ricci and Greylin are in ninth grade.
Carlos and Leonardo are attending the Agricultural school, they leave the children’s home at 6:30 am
and return around 6:00 pm. They are so thankful for having the opportunity to attend that school,
they dream on becoming Agricultural Engineers.

All the kids are healthy and with good attitude for school and the chores they have to do at home.
They get back from school at 12:30 pm, get lunch with all the kids from the feeding program and at
2:00 to 4:00pm they have to do their homework, at 4:30 they are eating dinner and after that they
play soccer, basketball or table games, sometimes we have a movie night for them.
Around 8:00 pm they are getting ready to go bed, unless some have to study for a test next day,
they are happily exhausted with all the daily activities.

Saturday and Sunday are times to relax and attend church, sing, study the Bible, visiting with
each other, sometimes we go to the river or the beach, or we have a soccer tournament among us.

We want to say thanks to all the churches and people that have been partnering our ministry through
their prayers, love offerings, support and good relationship.

This year we have the challenge of the feeding program, the new church and the classrooms project.
The feeding program has been expand to serve 100 kids all year round, even when we have been
lack of funding but we know that God will provide as always does.
The new church is growing in numbers, most of those attending church are kids and teenagers, some adults
but we understand that we have to plant in order to harvest, and that is what we are doing at this time.

The classrooms project is moving on, our plan is to finish this project by the middle of August, there is
a lot of work to do yet but we have to understand that each day brings its own activity and we can not
do all things at once.

We pray and hope for God’s provisions, He is faithful and His provision comes at the right moment,
He has been providing all these years and will continue doing so, He is good all the time.

Thanks again partners,

God bless you all,

Dago and Dilia Zelaya

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