Minnesota Trip

10 little boys who came forward to pray and ask Jesus into their lives

Pouring the footings for the Bilingual School.


One of 60 homes to receive food from our distribution program

After a week of being back home I feel like this past trip to Honduras was the best experience for me yet. When you make plans and head out on a mission trip it’s all about what God is going to do through you and your group to help others to see Jesus in you. However, I was blessed and saw Jesus all around me in the lives of the people in Honduras. What a week we had.

As a mother of four grown children I remember living on a very meager income and it was always a satisfying feeling when our kitchen cupboards were filled with food to feed my family. So I was very excited to be able to take money with us this year for the sole purpose of buying food for the families in surrounding neighborhoods. We were able to take two large bags and one frozen chicken to 60 households. Praise God. Our prayer is that these families will see that as a gift not from Americans but from God. Seeking Him for their lives is our prayer.

For four days we held a VBS type program for not only the children at the Home but children who come for the lunch feeding program. Our theme for the week was, “God has a plan for me.” We used the Bible story of Joseph. Many times it appeared that God had no plan for Joseph but like Joseph we need to be faithful to God and He will reveal that plan. Ten little boys came forward and asked Jesus into their hearts the last day. YAHOOOO!!!! We were overjoyed at this first step in their walk with God.

The four men in our group were able to get the footings poured for the new building project. The building will be a Bilingual School. How exciting it is to watch God’s plans come together. Dago shared his testimony and vision with us one morning and it’s amazing to see what God is doing in just this little part of the country.

Manuel, Elsa, Alex, Marianna, Dilia, Dago and all the children are family to Dave and I. We love them and look forward to the next time we can be with them. I was blessed to be able to serve in Honduras.

Kelli O’Byrne

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