Phil’s Reflection – Cypress Wesleyan Church Columbus OH

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has been part of the trip through prayers, financial support, and by keeping up with us through this group. It’s been an amazing experience, and we are so blessed to be in a time and place where we are able to play a role and share it with everyone back home almost right away. This was an amazing trip for me, being our first journey into Honduras and my first time leading a team. There isn’t one thing I would change about the makeup of the team, or the week itself. I shared with some during the week that this was a mission trip that was truly in my ‘sweet spot.’ It was super-relational, we were able to stay right at the home with the kids, see them daily, spend time with them. We truly got to know the people and experience life as they are living life. In my book nothing can top that opportunity. We saw mountains that seemed to change on an hourly basis, depending on how the sun was hitting them, we watched soccer on a nice sized flat screen in a gas station, and the security guy carrying the automatic weapon cleared the tables and turned the tv back on when it shut off at one point. We saw kids who were cared for and happy, when by our standards they wouldn’t seem to have much to be happy about. We saw beautiful homes being built next to homes that could barely called four walls and a roof. We saw poverty beyond what I could have ever imagined seeing before going on this trip. But what made the biggest impact on me on this trip was seeing the individuals from our group react to these things, to see them finding God on their own as they witnessed all of this, and to see them change because of it. We all had plenty of time to cry together, and we took full advantage of every minute of it. I’m probably going to get the full group together for one more good break down here at the airport when we all get together one last time before we all head our own ways. This trip will stick with all of us a long, long time, and hopefully will change each of us for the better for the long run. Again, thank you to each of you for all of your support on this trip, it is truly appreciated, God bless you, and please continue to pray for the Children’s home in Honduras.

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