Kaitlyn’s Reflection – Columbus OH

When I think back to when I first heard about this trip, I honestly didn’t even want to go. All I heard was “we’re going to watch a bunch if kids in a foreign country for a whole week with no hot water”. I thought well “this stinks, I don’t get to go on a missions trip …this summer”. After a few weeks of people telling me I should go and realizing I was needed since I would be the only female adult going, I decided to give in and come up with the money to go. Boy, I’m I glad I did!! Since we’re home now, I decided to go back read everyone’s posts one more time. As I did, the entire trip started flooding back and I began to cry, again. That, in and of it’s self, is amazing… since I NEVER cry at anything. I honestly can’t help it though. This trip was life changing and totally unforgettable. Many people have said it, but I couldn’t have asked for a better group or a better place to go. Who knew, being surrounded by children and poverty for a week could be so amazing. I can’t explain all the emotions I went through this week but I will never be the same. Aside from knowing that I need to learn some Spanish, I now know what God’s been trying to tell me for so long. Life isn’t about being in control, or about what you have, or who your friends with, or even about what you’re going to be doing ten years from now. LIfe’s about loving God, loving yourself, and loving everyone around you no matter who they are or what they have. I don’t care if anyone actually reads this post or if the children remember who I am in a year; I hope they do though. And I hope one day I can return to Honduras and share all I have learned with them. Honestly, all I’m really grateful for is the time I got to spend with everyone and the lessons God taught me. I am forever changed and I want to thank everyone that made this trip possible, for those who prayed for us, and for those who have changed my life for the better. May God bless your lives as much as He has blessed mine.

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