Leslee Chambers – Feb. 2010

My time at the Children’s home was wonderful! I could really see God working. It was so cool seeing the new Church/Dining hall area! We started the first morning of our week with just hanging out and getting to know the kids. With not knowing very mush Spanish at all I still found out that we could communicate in many ways. Playing with the kids, building friendships with all, and teaching bits of English brightened each day. I loved that free time. Our main project of the week was building a fence around the playground. At first that area was an unsanitary place because of animals basically living where the kids were supposed to be at play. We dug up weeds and poured new sand on top. It was great to see it get all finished! During this trip God really showed me what it is to be truly thankful for everything that we have. I find myself wanting more and more without being thankful for all that I have.

God is showing his amazing power through this home and I love continually seeing it grow! It is awesome that they are raising up leaders for God in the Children’s Home. I loved getting to know and play with all the children there and I cannot wait to get back soon to see all my brothers and sisters in the Lord!

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