Jenn Ehlman – Feb. 2010

Hello, my name is Jenn Ehlman. This was my second time going to Azacualpa, Honduras. I went down to the children’s home with 11 youth from my youth group and three leaders. While we were down there, we did lots of work, went to churches, schools and a feeding program, had a bible study lesson with the kids at the home and played with the kids. I had a great time!

The first three days we painted two houses for about three hours each day. The last two days of work, we poured dirt into another house and tried to level the floors. Even though the work was hard and the sun was very hot, our group had fun working as a team. When we went to schools and churches, we sang some Christian songs in Spanish, we performed up to five different skits, and we each gave our testimony during the week. At the feeding program, we helped serve the 60 kids at the feeding program a meal, which consisted of very little. It made me very thankful of how blessed I am at home to have so much good food to eat. After the meal we sang songs with them and performed skits. The skits taught the kids lessons about life and did it in a fun way.

In the afternoons, we did a bible study lesson with the kids at the Children’s home. Two of our youth would give the lesson each day. After each lesson we would help the kids with a craft that related to the lesson. It was really fun trying to use my four years of Spanish to try and talk with the kids. I was very happy to find out that they understood what I was trying to say and I understood almost everything they were saying! I also found out that we could communicate with the kids in many more ways than talking; such as smiling, using sign language, laughing, and playing hand clap games. I had tons of fun washing my clothes, playing with their parrot, swinging with the kids, and playing soccer! Every afternoon we played soccer, one time we even played in the pouring rain! The kids in Honduras are amazing at soccer! I loved watching them play. The kids really showed me that it does not take many things at all to be happy. We can only truly be happy through God.

The last day we went shopping in San Pedro Sula and then to a waterfall in a different town. The waterfall was amazing! We got to go in a cave under the waterfall and then we got to jump off two cliffs into the waterfall! Because of the mist and water pouring down on to us constantly, it was very hard to see. We had to trust our guide to lead us to the safe and amazing places in the waterfall. During the whole trip, I trusted God, our ultimate Guide, to lead me on an amazing journey.

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