Callies Voigt – Feb. 2010

“Oh, that I might be a flaming fire in the service of the Lord. Here I am, Lord, send me; send me to the ends of the Earth…send me from all that is called earthly comfort; send me even to death itself if it be but in Thy service and to promote Thy Kingdom.” -David Brainerd

Over the years my husband Devin and I have supported and contributed towards missions, knowing how important mission outreach could be. I never figured we would one day go to Honduras on a mission trip, and, if you had asked me a few years ago, I probably would have said I had no interest in going. Believing the mission field was for spiritually mature, specially trained Christians who had dedicated their lives solely to mission work, I couldn’t believe I had anything to offer and felt unworthy of such a wonderful calling.

That changed, however, when Dr. Ray Kreuger and his wife, Connie, asked us to join them on a Medical/Dental mission trip to a children’s home in Azacualpa, Honduras. As a nurse, this piqued my interest, but in my mind there were several reasons why it was unrealistic; conflicting work schedules, cost, etc. After much prayerful consideration, we felt the Lord urging us to go and things seemed to fall into place.

The thought of God using me through my nursing skills was exciting. The clinic was set up to include three doctors who saw over 900 patients in five days, a pharmacy, eye screenings and distribution of reading glasses, and dental services, including extractions and fluoride applications. Providing care to the visitors of the clinic and working with the team members was rewarding and eye opening. I soon came to fully understand that the Lord has gifted us each with special and unique gifts/talents. Each member of the team served a very special purpose and fit well into their roll. This helped me realize that even I can be used by God in any way He sees fit, if I only listen to Him and allow Him to use me. One of the most touching moment for me involved a patient named Manuel. He had fallen off a roof six days earlier and had a deep head wound that required extensive cleaning and care. He returned the next day for a dressing change and returned later that evening for a church service lead by Pastor Dago. That night Manuel accepted the Lord as his Savior!

Prior to the trip, my expectations focused on the medical services we as a team would be providing and the difference we would make in our patients’ lives. However, I never would have imagined I’d come away with a greater understanding of God’s love, grace and provision. Although the people of Honduras often had very little (by U.S. standards), they were happy and appreciative. After a week of focusing on God, serving His people, and enjoying peace and quiet without cell phones, returning home to technology, material possessions, and luxuries (i.e. warm water) was actually disappointing in many ways. I now have a greater appreciation for what is truly important in life and understand that, although I am blessed with many earthy comforts, they are not nearly as necessary as a deep, personal relationship with the Lord.

I look forward to returning to Honduras and am thankful to Pastor Dago, his family, and each of the workers at Ministerios de Fe Vida Nueva for their generosity and dedication. I pray for continued blessings to these special people and the people of Honduras.

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