Our Mission Trips

Who Can Go?

  • Youth Groups
  • Christian School Groups
  • Small Groups
  • Adult Groups
  • Medical/Dental Groups
  • Families
  • Groups of Friends
  • An Individual wanting to do long-term mission work
  • Minimum trip length is SIX days


If you wish to volunteer your time at the Children’s Home as an individual, small team or large group, please contact Keren at kzterry@hotmail.com, for details about how you can help.


Scheduled Mission Teams for 2019 


3-12 –  Construction group from Fillmore MN

12-18 – Construction group from Marshalltown IA

20-27 – Medical/Dental group from Des Moines IA


5-12 – Construction group from Des Moines IA


Team from Marshalltown IA (TBD)

21-29 – Group from Ankeny IA


Discovery Team (TBD)

Please contact Keren at kzterry@hotmail.com to visit the Children’s Home as an individual, small team or large group.

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