Rebeka’s Honduras Experience (Columbus, Oh)








Coming back from Honduras has already made a huge impact in my life. There are many things that I realize that I was taking for granted that most people don’t have. The part of this week that hit home with me hardest was the kids in the feeding program. The last day when we gave them the small bag of food (spaghetti, vegetable laud, small bag of sugar, small bag of flour, and small bag of rice) they were so grateful. It was not like they were getting a toy or something that they could go home and play with but instead it was food that could potentially feed them for up to one week. When we were passing out the bags the kids were so grateful and they showed their gratitude in the hugs and huge smiles that they were proudly wearing on their faces. This really hit me because I was standing near the door where they were all exiting and I was giving every kid a hug and they were all saying thank you. It was also cool to see them all load up on the bus and stick their hands out. They did that because there were some kids one of the first days that were waving and I ran up and gave them a high-five. That then became what the kids did as there were hands popping out of windows where the body could not be seen because there were so many kids. Even on the last day I could see the kids holding the bags hard with the hand they had in the bus and sticking their other hand out to be given a high-five. After the bus left it hit me again how grateful these kids were and how ungrateful I am. It took me a good 15-20 minutes to calm myself down. After lunch we went to the neighbor hoods where most of these kids live and we passed out candy, mostly suckers. That was cool as well since the kids did not know we were coming but once they got candy, they started to follow us and by the end it was like a huge parade that we were leading

Overall this has been an amazing experience that I am grateful that I got the opportunity to experience another county and learn so much from them. The more that I think about these kids the more I want to go back and see them. They made a huge impact on the way that I see things and how much gratitude that I have for the smaller things. I wanted to help and give my all to those kids and everyone down there, but I came home having learned more than I gave and feeling like although I learned more that at the same time I was able to help those kids a little. I am very grateful that I was able to go and hang out with these kids since they are still most of what I am thinking about. All I can think about is how those kids changed my life and helped me see that there is more to life that being busy and never stopping. There is a much simpler and less complicated way to life that makes nature seem so much more beautiful.

I want to thank my parents for letting me go on this trip. I know that it was extremely hard for them to let their eldest daughter to go out of the country to a bunch of people they did not know well if any. I also want to thank them for supporting me the whole time and making sure that I was excited for the whole trip the whole time and not just while I was there. I want to thank my siblings for allowing me to be gone for yet another week and not talk to them at all. I am grateful that they are still love me and just make fun of me when I am finally home for a meal or one evening. Also, a huge thanks to everyone who supported my trip through prayer and financial support; I would not have been able to go and have had the trip that I had if it was not for you all. Finally thanks to everyone that was on the trip with me, you guys were with me when I was high and low and you all pushed me and helped me grow this week and I am glad that we had the group that we did. I could not have asked for a better group to go and be a part of my first out of country missions trip. Thanks especially to the leaders that were willing to take a group of teenagers out of the country and put up with us. You guys had a huge impact on me and I hope to be able to get to know each of you better.

Leslee’s Honduras Experience







¡Hola! My name is Leslee Chambers and I live in Champaign, IL. This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Children’s Home in Azacualpa for the third time. I went with a group of 10 other teenagers and 4 adults from First Baptist Church. From the time of our first meeting toward the beginning of this year, I had been anticipating the moment of setting foot on the grounds of Honduras once again. Roughly half of our group was going to return to the Children’s Home and half were preparing to have a life-changing experience. The “newcomers” couldn’t wait to actually see faces and places that they had been hearing and praying about. Honduras was soon to be something much more than just pictures and presentations.

I knew that this was going to be a great trip for me simply because of the group of kids going from our youth group. We have been growing closer together recently and I knew this was going to create even closer friendships between all of us. Our group was so excited to watch God in action in Honduras and in our own hearts as well.

We had a very busy week while in Honduras. Our travel day was Saturday, July 9th. No lost luggage! On Sunday, the realization set in for me that I was finally back in Honduras. No more waiting for this girl! The first day we had Sunday School, USA vs. Honduras soccer game (we got demolished and they went easy on us: it was like 6-2), the SPLASH at the new well which was dedicated by the San Pedro Sula Rotary Club, and a wonderful church service at night. Monday through Friday we did the feeding program/VBS, visited two schools, and visited two different churches. It’s an amazing experience to worship the Lord with believers from different places around the world. On Friday we went to the Splash Water Park with the kids, which was tons of fun! On our final day in Honduras, our group along with Ryan, Leonardo, and Dago went to a market and a beautiful waterfall. What an incredible experience. I have never seen something so beautiful in my life. That night we had our final fiesta with everyone from the childran’s home. I did NOT want to leave!

The part of the trip that impacted me the most was the feeding program. Our group seemed to really connect with those kids. They were so full of love for us and always wanted a hug. It was great to see their big, smiling faces looking up at me each day. It was challenging to me to see how children with not very much physically could have such an enormous amount of joy in their hearts because of the Lord. One boy at the end of the week kept coming up to me, tugging on my shirt, and whispering to me how grateful he was that we came to visit them. He had the biggest smile on his face all the time, even though I think he was very hungry. I thank the Lord for letting me have such an incredible experience.

I wouldn’t trade that week for anything and cannot wait to return to Honduras sometime soon. Dago and Dilia have done so much to give these kids a good future, and I respect them so much for that. They are a great example of how to give your life for the work of the Lord. Thank you to everyone who has given me an experience I will never forget.

Leslee Chambers

"Splash" local water park.

July 2011 Update































Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope that when you read this update you find yourself enjoying the wonderful blessings that our marvelous God pours over our daily lives.

We wanted to update you on what has been occurring here at Ministries of Faith New Life. God has been prospering our work here in Azacualpa, Honduras. First of all, we wanted to thank God for allowing us to have you as part of our support group. Without your collaboration, individual or church, we would not be able to do the important work with the children, teenagers and the community.

As you know, we have been working on the new classrooms. We wanted to complete this project in August but due to a couple of groups cancelling their trips, work has been much slower. We hope to have the classrooms completed in November.

The water well that was financed by the rotary club in Champaign, IL and the rotary club of San Pedro Sula, was inaugurated yesterday. The well is 195 feet deep and has the capacity of providing 55 gallons of water per minute. We are excited to have the well up and running as it will be able to provide water to us during the extreme heat of the summer. We will also be able to water the fields when we plant beans, corn and other vegetables that will be used here at Ministries of Faith.

The ministries that we have to serve the community continue to be a success. We are now feeding 100 children a day Monday through Friday. They enjoy delicious foods such as baleadas, tamales, fried chicken, fried rice, beef stew, spaghetti, tacos, enchiladas and many more dishes that Dilia, Mariana and Mirian lovingly prepare for the children.

The new church is growing both in numbers and in knowledge of the Word of God. Every Sunday we have 100 people who attend church on a regular basis. In April we baptized 20 new Christians and we already have more who will be baptized soon.

Our soccer program is growing as well. Every day we have 40 teenagers who come and play soccer from 3:00 – 5:30p.m. We will be forming new teams soon!

Recently, we’ve had some mission groups visiting and working with us. These groups have been a great blessings to all the children, families and to the Azacualpa community. With their help we have been able to distribute food provisions to many families who live in extreme poverty.

The children at the Home have also been doing great in their school work and their relationship with the Lord keeps growing. Dania, Leonardo and Ricci help out as Sunday school teachers. Dania teaches the five and six year olds. Ricci teaches the three and four year olds, and Leonardo teaches the 10 – 12 year olds.

Please enjoy the pictures that we are sending you.

We hope that you continue to support our Ministry with prayers, encouragement and financial support.

God bless you.

Dago and Dilia Zelaya

Water Well









We are so excited that work has begun on the water well! Pedro is the man in charge of this project. Last Friday he began drilling the well. We have been helping him with the digging. Carlos, Milton, Brayan and Carlitos are also assisting him. Perdro says that the depth of the well is 50 feet right now. He estimates that in a week the well will be between 150 – 200 feet deep.

After the digging is done they will install all the piping and later the water pump. We are so excited to have this amazing resource here at the Children’s Home!

Have a wonderful week and God bless you.




We are so thankful and excited aout our ministry in Honduras, every day is a busy day with the kids.
The kids from the children’s home get up at 5:30 am in order to get ready for school, all the children are
attending school this year; Alexandra is in Kindergarten, Vanessa is in first grade, Glenda and Breidy are
in fourth grade, Carlitos is in fifth grade, Norma is in six grade, Milton, Brayan, Keidy, Jeiny and Santos
are in seventh grade, Dania is in eight grade and Ricci and Greylin are in ninth grade.
Carlos and Leonardo are attending the Agricultural school, they leave the children’s home at 6:30 am
and return around 6:00 pm. They are so thankful for having the opportunity to attend that school,
they dream on becoming Agricultural Engineers.

All the kids are healthy and with good attitude for school and the chores they have to do at home.
They get back from school at 12:30 pm, get lunch with all the kids from the feeding program and at
2:00 to 4:00pm they have to do their homework, at 4:30 they are eating dinner and after that they
play soccer, basketball or table games, sometimes we have a movie night for them.
Around 8:00 pm they are getting ready to go bed, unless some have to study for a test next day,
they are happily exhausted with all the daily activities.

Saturday and Sunday are times to relax and attend church, sing, study the Bible, visiting with
each other, sometimes we go to the river or the beach, or we have a soccer tournament among us.

We want to say thanks to all the churches and people that have been partnering our ministry through
their prayers, love offerings, support and good relationship.

This year we have the challenge of the feeding program, the new church and the classrooms project.
The feeding program has been expand to serve 100 kids all year round, even when we have been
lack of funding but we know that God will provide as always does.
The new church is growing in numbers, most of those attending church are kids and teenagers, some adults
but we understand that we have to plant in order to harvest, and that is what we are doing at this time.

The classrooms project is moving on, our plan is to finish this project by the middle of August, there is
a lot of work to do yet but we have to understand that each day brings its own activity and we can not
do all things at once.

We pray and hope for God’s provisions, He is faithful and His provision comes at the right moment,
He has been providing all these years and will continue doing so, He is good all the time.

Thanks again partners,

God bless you all,

Dago and Dilia Zelaya

Minnesota Trip

10 little boys who came forward to pray and ask Jesus into their lives

Pouring the footings for the Bilingual School.


One of 60 homes to receive food from our distribution program

After a week of being back home I feel like this past trip to Honduras was the best experience for me yet. When you make plans and head out on a mission trip it’s all about what God is going to do through you and your group to help others to see Jesus in you. However, I was blessed and saw Jesus all around me in the lives of the people in Honduras. What a week we had.

As a mother of four grown children I remember living on a very meager income and it was always a satisfying feeling when our kitchen cupboards were filled with food to feed my family. So I was very excited to be able to take money with us this year for the sole purpose of buying food for the families in surrounding neighborhoods. We were able to take two large bags and one frozen chicken to 60 households. Praise God. Our prayer is that these families will see that as a gift not from Americans but from God. Seeking Him for their lives is our prayer.

For four days we held a VBS type program for not only the children at the Home but children who come for the lunch feeding program. Our theme for the week was, “God has a plan for me.” We used the Bible story of Joseph. Many times it appeared that God had no plan for Joseph but like Joseph we need to be faithful to God and He will reveal that plan. Ten little boys came forward and asked Jesus into their hearts the last day. YAHOOOO!!!! We were overjoyed at this first step in their walk with God.

The four men in our group were able to get the footings poured for the new building project. The building will be a Bilingual School. How exciting it is to watch God’s plans come together. Dago shared his testimony and vision with us one morning and it’s amazing to see what God is doing in just this little part of the country.

Manuel, Elsa, Alex, Marianna, Dilia, Dago and all the children are family to Dave and I. We love them and look forward to the next time we can be with them. I was blessed to be able to serve in Honduras.

Kelli O’Byrne

2nd Annual Special Needs Camp



This past week, we were blessed to host a day camp for nine children with special needs. The purpose of the camp is to provide fun, therapeutic and educational experiences to kids with needs that cannot be met in this area of Honduras. Most of the children who attended have Down syndrome and cannot attend the public schools. This was the second time the week-long camp was held and this team included a number of occupational therapy students, a speech therapy student (all working on their masters degrees) as well as a nursing student, and an art instructor. The team is organized by a woman from a church in Minnesota that supports our mission. She has child with special needs and has a heart for children who do not have access to the services her daughter enjoys.


Each day of the camp, the children engaged in multi-sensory activities designed to develop their base of knowledge about how the world works, using their senses of touch, sight, sound, and smell. Group activities were designed to teach them appropriate social skills and they spent time listening to picture-book stories, dancing to music, eating snacks and playing together. They had daily crafts using a variety of materials with lots of colors and textures. They made such things as musical instruments, hand puppets, masks, and jewelry, and did lots of drawing and painting. Team members spent one-on-one time with each child, emphasizing the use of their senses and trying to improve their communication skills. Some of the one-on-one activities were painting with fingers and brushes, molding playdoh and moonsand, working on puzzles, playing catch, constructing with various types of building blocks, and squishing shaving cream which was one of their favorites! They practiced their visual skills with flashcards which help to develop not only their identification of letters, numbers and various animals but also their verbal skills by saying the words out loud.

The campers’ parents were very thankful that their children could attend this once-a-year camp and be with others who have similar needs. This camp is the only local program designed for children with special needs and it also provides an opportunity for the parents to meet and support each other. The members of the team were quite encouraged with the progress each of these children made during the course of the week, especially noting the improvements made by those who were attending the camp for the second time. A third camp is already in the works.

Amy Wasson

Reaching Goals – Vanessa’s Graduation!

Graduations are so important in the lives of little ones as well as adults. For those of you who are not aware, Vanessa is one of the children at Ministries of Faith. Vanessa came to the ministry when she was only two years old. We have seen Vanessa grow before our eyes. This year, Vanessa received a scholarship for a school called “My Little Happy World,” it is a small bilingual school in Azacualpa. Vanessa was extremely happy to receive her kindergarten diploma. We are so happy and proud of Vanessa’s accomplishment! With God’s help we are reaching the goal of building better futures.
Thank you for your support.

Independence Day!

September 15th is a very important date in Honduras, it is our independence day. All around the county the schools celebrate independence day by wearing their uniforms and traditional dress. Elementary and secondary schools dress in their best outfits and are proud to be a free nation. During this day the problems are forgotten and the ambiance is that of happiness. Our children at the home woke up very early and were eager to join in the celebration with their new uniforms.
Happy independence day Honduras!