fullsizeoutput_b3b1None of the children here are orphans and most are here with siblings. For all of them, their parents (or single parent) are unable to raise them due to financial need. Many end up at the Home due to governmental referrals from San Pedro Sula although some parents or other relatives hear about the Home and ask to bring their children (or grandchildren) here.

Carlos Noel (19) has two siblings that have graduated from Ministries of Faith. His mother died some years ago; the whereabouts of their father is unknown. They have six older brothers and sisters who visit occasionally. Carlos is enrolled in the agricultural school close to Azacualpa.

Vanessa’s (14) came to the home after she was found living on the streets at age 3 when her parents were abusing drugs. Her mother lives in Mexico and her father lives far enough away to visit once a year.

Esteven (16) and Yemni – pronounced Gem-ni – (13) are siblings and have been with us since 2013.  Their parents live in San Pedro Sula but unable to care for them. Esteven is in 10th grade and Yemni is in 8th grade and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.


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