We are getting close to that time of the year when we celebrate with great joy and happiness about our Lord and Savior’s ultimate victory over death, sin and Satan. And that is the reason for us to rejoice in HIM, the reason to proclaim and shout to the world, that JESUS is what this world needs in order to be save. We hope and pray that you will be celebrating with all your heart the Risen Christ.

Our activities in Azacualpa, Honduras continue day by day, the kids are growing and some of them are talking about their future and things they would like to do in life.

Leonardo is in his second year at the Agricultural School, we get good reports from his teachers saying that he is an outstanding student with a great potential to continue his studies at one of the Agricultural Universities in Honduras; we pray daily for him asking the Lord to keep his feet straight.

Ricci started her 10th grade at the Bilingual School, she is doing very good, she is dedicated to her studies and hopefully in year 2014 she will attend the University in San Pedro Sula.

Dania is in her 9th grade and her plans are to attend the Agricultural School, we hope that she will fit there, as for now those are her plans.

Yeini, Milton, Keidy and Brayan are attending 8th grade and doing good as for now; Milton is learning mechanics during the day and attending school in the evening, his plans are to attend the same school as Leonardo.

This year we got to new kids; Maiky Ariel, he is brother of Yeini and is 9 years old, he is in 4th grade; and Carlos Estiven, brother of Ricci, Brayan and Breidy, he is in 3rd grade.

Our plans to finish the new building for the school will be accomplish next month, tomorrow the constructor will start laying the ceramic tile; the building is being used for sunday school program and hopefully for February 2013 we’ll start the Bilingual School.

Dilia and I are coming to the US in May 18th to June 8th, to attend the World Mission Conference that will be taking place in Green Lake, WI. The conference will be on May 18th to 25th and of course we’ll take the rest of the time to visit some churches, pastors, groups and friends. We might see some of you, that will be a blessing to shake your hand and give you a hug from our hearts.

Please keep praying for me and Dilia and all the kids, also for Alex and Mariana and their two girls.

Thanks for supporting this ministry, we couldn’t do this without you, please keep doing so.

Happy Easter,

Dago and Dilia Zelaya
Missionaries in Honduras, Central America

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