Baptisms 2009

We give the glory to the Lord for allowing us the opportunity to have the first baptisms in our new church in Azacualpa Valle, Honduras.
On Sunday December 13, nine young ladies were baptized. They were submerged in the waters of baptism and publicly confessed that Jesus Christ is their lord and savior. They also shared their desire to serve, love and follow Him for the remainder of their days.

We celebrated the baptisms in a nearby river (about 20 minutes away) close to Lomalta. It was a great blessing for all who participated.

Our small congregation is getting ready for our grand Christmas celebration. For the first time, we will have a Christmas play! We will also have a dinner after the service. During this special meal we will have the opportunity to give gifts to ALL the children from the Feeding Program. The children, and staff, from Ministries of Faith will also receive their gifts during the meal.

The Lord has been faithful! He has blessed us with a wonderful family in faith who prays, donates and contributes their support, spiritually and materially.

We would like to thank ALL of those who care and love us.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and may God continue to bless you this upcoming year!

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